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Registration Process
1. The registration of the candidate will be by way of minimum donation money of Rs. 2000,
Please deposit money with the bank by way of cash/Cheque as per details given below,
Account Name : Punjab Biradari Navarangpura Charitable Trust
Account Number : 03260100006669
2. After depositing money with the bank, Please fill up the Registration Form giving all the details including payment of donation money deposited in the bank.
3. Kindly submit the form with all details as required.
4. PBNCT will provisionally acknowledge receipt of Registration Form via registered mail to you.
5. With in 3 working days, after confirmation of receipt of donation money, PBNCT will activate your account and you will receive User Id and Password via registered Mail to you.
6. Please submit a hard copy of registration form with all required documents duly signed by the Candidate/Guardian to PBNCT office.
In case hard copy of Registration Form duly signed is not received at PBNCT office within 7-10 days, your registration shall be liable for cancellation.
7. With User ID and Password you will able to access our PBNCT portal.
8.PBNCT Portal carries the details of all the registered candidates for preview & contact directly to the other suitable candidates.
9. It is mandatory to enter (*) marked information in the Registration Form. Such information once saved can not be changed by the applicant.
Please contact PBNCT office for making any change in the mandatory information.
10. Please note that the role of PBNCT is only informatory and they do not undertake any responsibility  in any manner whatsoever.

After reading the above instructions, Please click here for the registration.

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