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Ahmedabad one of the nine Metro Cities of India ,has a large population of over 4lakhs Punjabis’. They constitute approx. 6% of the total population of Ahmedabad and its surrounding areas. The Punjabis’ settled in Ahmedabad constitute of Immigrants , domicile , and temporary residents. Though Punjabi families are living here for many years , yet they are facing social-cultural problems as detailed below.


Due to lack of information about Punjabi families ,friendship ,communication, hardly any social interaction , Punjabis’ are finding it difficult to find a suitable match for their children in accordance with their education, profession, financial and social status. For marriages, they have to depend upon, Delhi, Punjab or any other Cities. The Punjabi culture in Gujarat is different from Delhi or Punjabis’ Culture, it becomes difficult for a boy or a girl to adjust with their families. Due to long distance ,The families from Punjab/ Delhi are reluctant to do any matrimonial correspondence with local families. This has resulted in large no. of inter cast marriages.


Punjabis’, after staying here for many years have lost touch with their own culture. Hardly any Punjabi festival is celebrated . The young generation have lost touch with their original culture, history ,festivals, language, rituals etc They are unable to speak or understand Punjabi language i, Girls going to Northern India after marriage are finding it difficult to adjust in the new environment.


In 1993, a few like minded prominent Punjabi Citizens like Mr. R. Kumar , Late Mr. M.A. Sethi, Late Mr. P.D. Gandhi ,Late Mr. Guglani and others ,felt that Punjabis settled in Gujarat particularly in Ahmedabad need to organized ,activated and needed a PLATEFORM in order to forge unity, brotherhood, fellowship, fellowship, fraternity , deep understanding ,to imbibe the sprit of oneness and promote cultural heritage and solve their socio –cultural problems , they decided to form ‘ PUNJAB BIRADRI NAVRANGPURA’ In a short time about 400 Nos Punjabis became members of the Biradri.

Looking in to the good social work being done by the Biradri, many othe prominent Punjabi Citizens like Late Mr. Nand Lal Wadhwa , Mr. K.C. Mendiratta , Mr. B.N.Gupta , Late Mr. K.L. Chawla became members and Trustees of the Biradri.

In 1995, the Biradri was converted in to PUNJAB BIRADARI NAVARANGPURA CHARITABLE TRUST having Regd. No. E/10424 Dtd.7-4-1995 The Biradri has also received Income tax Exemption u/s 80 G vide Certificate No DIT(E)/80G (5)510/07-08 DT 10-03-2008 for exemption on income tax on the Donations received by the Biradri.


The Biradri has been actively involved in the following social activities :


Matrimonial Alliance is one of the most serious problem being faced by the Punjabis as already explained above. The Biradri took up this issue seriously and started helping Punjabi families in Looking for suitable matches for boys and girls.

Since its inception, the Biradri have been arranging Matrimonial Get Together functions once a year. So far about 18 nos of such functions have been successfully arranged till 2013.. Punjabis’ , Sikhs ’ ,and other persons from Gujarat, Rajasthan, Mumbai, M.P. ,Delhi , Punjab are availing our Matrimonial Services . Matrimonial Get –Together is an whole day Function where all the facilities like free stay for outstation families, tea ,lunch etc are served to all the Guests. Many alliances have been successfully arranged through such functions . A Matrimonial Directory is published on every such function which helps the families to short list the probable match , communicate directly among themselves for matrimonial alliance.

Biradri based on voluntary contributions, services by the Trustees and well wishers has been able to carryout voluntarye matrimonial alliance Services.., Presently it is known as the only successful Charitable Trust I in whole of Gujarat State.


The Biradri had been arranging LOHRI Festival, Facilitating prominent person like Mr. Nand lal Wadhwa, first Punjabi Mayor of Ahmedabad The Biradri took part in helping 2001 Earth Quake victims .Apart from this the Biradri also helped poor children by supporting their education and supply of books.

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